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Independent research


Original research focused on market needs.

OCTO FINANCES’ credit research team has been producing highly innovative independent analyses for more than fifteen years. Serving both our sales force and clients, the analyses are both concise and precise. The teams aim to take advantage of market opportunities as they arise.

 Two high priority markets: bonds and convertible bonds

OCTO FINANCES’ research uses a dynamic methodology that combines contextual and macroeconomic analysis with microeconomic analysis.

 Credit Analysis

OCTO FINANCES covers the 200 largest issuers in the market and opportunistically follows nearly 400 issuers in the euro zone. All research is made available to clients through a dedicated secure Internet interface.

More than 75,000 reports published since 1996

  • Daily monitoring and recommendations
  • Research on issuers and their bonds
  • Credit and economic reports



Recherche obligations et Obligations convertibles

Le directeur général de la banque italienne a indiqué qu’il envisageait de sortir de Russie rapporte Reuters.

Présentation d’émetteur

Intervenants : David Lubek Directeur Financier de Casino et Lionel Benchimol Directeur de la communication financière de Casino

Présentations d'émetteurs

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